Tunturi R25 Rowing Machine Review

Tunturi R25 Rowing MachinePrice: £299
Buy From: Fitness Superstore

Overall Rating: 4
Build Quality: 4
Ease of use: 4
Console Features: 3
Comfort: 3.5
Value for Money: 4


The R25 magnetic rower is the entry level model in the Tunturi range.  As with the majority of home use rowers there is a folding facility enabling users to significantly reduce the footprint for storage.

At 201cm long when in use, this rower is already shorter than an air resistance alternative which tend to be significantly longer at around 260cm. By unwinding a simple handle, the seat rail can be lifted and folded vertically so that the length of the rower when stored is a more convenient 102cm.

There are large footplates which pivot to reduce stress on the heel and large Velcro straps are easily adjusted to accommodate various sized feet.  A single rail and soft ergonomic seat ensure rider comfort, although the range of seat movement is just 71cm from front to back which will shorten the stroke length for taller users, resulting in a workout that sometimes feels a bit restricted and there is certainly nothing like the sense of involvement you would experience with an air or water based alternative.

Magnetic rowers are however compact, and very quiet which will count for a lot in some home environments. The resistance is adjustable via a manually operated permanent magnetic brake.  It uses a similar type of system to that used on an exercise cycle except that instead of pedalling you are pulling.

The 6kg rotating mass will provide enough of a challenge for the majority and the 8 levels mean that this rower has some versatility but as a magnetic rower, the compromise is the slightly mechanical feel which is evident in all rowers of this type.

Tunturi-R25-Rowing-Machine-ConsoleThe console is large and clearly displays time, distance, strokes and 500m splits with a calorie counter and a heart rate monitor display. (Polar T31 wireless chest strap is required to utilise this) As the LCD is monochrome however, I found it wasn’t always easy to ready the display in bright sunlight.

Programs on rowing machines in general tend to be a luxury as rowing is a challenging enough exercise incorporating some 90% of the body’s muscle groups so alot of manufacturers consider them to be unnecessary.  After all you wouldn’t row a boat up a hill you would simply go faster.

The R25 is a lightweight portable rower, easily moved on transportation wheels when folded and sturdy too, able to handle users of up to 135kg.  The Tunturi level of build quality is plain to see and is backed up with a 15 year frame and 3 year parts and labour warranty on all other parts.


  • Light, portable and easy to fold
  • Comfortable seat
  • Great build quality represents good value for money
  • Quiet and smooth


  • Short range of movement for taller users
  • Mechanical, slightly unnatural resistance when compared with alternatives

In summary then, if you are looking for a premium built rowing machine on a budget and your needs are for something compact and quiet then the R25 does very well indeed.  If you have more room available however, then the York Fitness R301 Mag air rower is good alternative to consider for a better, more rounded workout, especially if you are taller than average.

Price: £299
Buy From: Fitness Superstore